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23 Reasons Why to move to Houston

Houston, the 4th largest city in America.

Houston is the most diverse city in the United States, with over 100 languages spoken throughout the community. This southern melting pot is a great place to call home for all walks of life, and it’s also a booming hub for anyone looking to start up a business or investment opportunity.


Hi! I’m a Houstonian, and I love my city.

I think it’s the best place to live in America because of all of its offers: from great schools, diverse neighborhoods, and lots of opportunities for work to some delicious Mexican food. But what sets Houston apart is its diversity – there are people here from everywhere in the world, and we get along just fine. Come on down! That means this southern melting pot is a great place to call home for all walks of life.

In this list, we will cover all the reasons that you should consider moving to Houston!


1.  Job Opportunities

Houston’s employment market is also a significant selling point for the city. With booming Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Medical, and Tech industries, Houston is an excellent option for engineers, scientists, and medical professionals. The city’s lax zoning lawsa also cause the line between business and residential districts to be blurred. It’s not uncommon to see offices and businesses near residential housing. 

The world’s largest medical center is located in Houston. Graduates from the world’s top institutions flock to the Med Center for work at the many hospitals, including MD Anderson Cancer Center, as well as post-graduate programs at Baylor College of Medicine.

Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport is also a central hub for United Airlines, making it an excellent place for people who work in or are seeking employment in the airline industry. 


2. Entrepreneurship

Forbes Magazine recognized this culture of innovation when it ranked Houston #10 on its list of Best Cities For Entrepreneurs.

The influx of young talent has also created an entrepreneurial environment in the Greater Houston area. A new and thriving startup scene has emerged, with co-working spaces ready to provide flexible office space for these entrepreneurs.

The growing economy feeds into an overall positive atmosphere throughout the area, contributing to a more positive quality of life. The better the economy, the fewer people have to worry about job security and keep the lights on. No city has a perfect economy, but Houston could be a good respite if you have struggled to find a decent-paying job elsewhere.


3. Cost of Living

The most significant expenditure for most Houston citizens is housing, which is typical of the national average. Houston has a relatively low cost of living, making it less expensive than major cities, including New York City, Boston, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Average. Transportation tends to be somewhat more expensive in Houston, primarily due to longer commutes and the lack of robust public transportation infrastructure.

According to some estimates, Houston is 19% less expensive than Austin and 5% less costly than Dallas. San Francisco is estimated to be 179% more expensive than Houston, while New York City is 94% more expensive.  

4. Housing Variety

Houston is known as the Bayou City because of its many inner waterways. Bayous, canals, and lagoons act as natural boundaries that create some of the city’s most desirable areas and suburbs.

But the most geographically significant marker in Houston is “the loop.” The 610 Loop Highway forms a circular barrier around Houston, defining communities and serving as a geographical reference for places all over the city. The Inner Loop is home to downtown Houston, and the city’s more densely populated areas and contains most of the city’s social activities, from sports games to new restaurants, city parks, and theatre. Housing inside the loop will generally consist of apartments and townhomes, unlike outside the circle where single-family homes are the norm. 

Whether you wish to be inside or outside the loop is perhaps the first decision you should make. Proximity to work, daily commute and housing costs will all be significant factors in making this decision.

Like any metropolis, Houston has its fair share of high-end entertainment, low-income neighborhoods, and everything in between. Consider where you intend to spend most of your time when selecting a community to reside in. If you work in Spring but reside downtown or vice versa, you’ll have to deal with at least 30-45 minutes each

Here is an excellent quiz to find the perfect neighborhood:



5. Home Ownership

Owning a home is a distinct possibility for many Houstonians, thanks to housing prices and a cost of living that is on par with the national average. If you want to enjoy big city life and suburban housing costs, then Houston might be the right place for you.

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6. Great Schools

Depending on where you live in the Houston metro, there are various school districts to investigate. The Houston Independent School District, which includes one of the largest school districts in the United States, comprises 283 schools. HISD is the biggest in Texas and runs 283 institutions. The larger the district, the more resources available to students. HISD has earned many accolades and was honored by the U.S. News Best High School report because of its aggressive A.P. program expansion.


7. Amazing Healthcare

Houston is known internationally as the home of one of the best medical communities in the world. That’s not surprising since the Texas Medical Center (TMC), the largest medical center in the world, is just 10 minutes from downtown Houston.

The healthcare industry provides a source of good jobs for qualified Houstonians. From large hospitals to home healthcare agencies and specialists, a wide array of organizations offer Houstonians any healthcare they require.

8. No Income Tax

If you think it’s a good idea to bring more of your pay home, then Houston may be the right place for you. While the city has a high sales tax (more than 8 percent), it does not have an income tax. This implies that your new exciting employment does not have you paying city income tax. Good wages, combined with no income tax, contribute to the city’s favorable cost of living.

9. Lots of Parks

Houston has over 50,000 acres of park space within its city limits (52,912 acres, to be exact). Houston is also home to the largest county park within a city—George Bush park, at 8,043 acres.

There are many more parks than we have time to detail in this overview. Memorial Park in Houston’s west side, on the other hand, is a must-see. Several sites of interest there, including the Houston Arboretum, which is free to visit and well worth your time. For people who enjoy getting outside for exercise, Memorial Park also contains several hiking trails, running routes, and open fields.

10. The Weather

If you despise the cold, Houston is a wonderful place to live. With a rating of 73 on the comfort index, it has many days between 70 and 80 degrees. It allows residents to enjoy its many attractions and outdoor activities; all y Temperatures do not dip below freezing for more than one week throughout the year. In contrast, in summer, they can reach 90 degrees—ear round.


11. Diversity

Houston surpassed both New York and Los Angeles as the most ethnically diverse city in the nation. With a large percentage of the population living in Houston of Hispanic, African American, or Asian origin, there is a delightful blend of cultures here. Houston is also home to over 80 foreign embassies and consulates.

About a quarter of the population is of Hispanic descent, and almost half of residents speak a language other than English at home. Add in a young median age of 33, and you have a youthful, vibrant location that welcomes diversity.


12. Food

G.Q. magazine has proclaimed its “America’s Next Great Food City.”

Think Houston is all BBQ and Tex-Mex? You’re in for a treat. This is one of the most sophisticated food towns in the country, combining urban experimentation and the benefit of an incredibly diverse population. Here you’ll find some of the most cutting edge and exciting cuisine in the country, along with the downhome favorites you might expect.

While Houston’s TexMex and BBQ options are every bit as good as their reputations suggest, Houston has so much more to offer. Anthony Bourdain called Houston, “a Wonderland of Strange and Diverse.” The city features ethnic cuisine from all over the world, James Beard award-winning chefs, and dishes so unique you’ll only find them here. Take Viet Cajun Crawfish— a fusion of the Gulf’s Cajun favorite with a Southeast Asian twist that you will only find in Houston. 


In this city, you can eat at a different restaurant every night for a year without running out of options! Classic American, vegan, Thai, Indian, Italian (the original Carrabba’s is in Houston), you name it! Houston’s profusion of taco trucks serving up classic street tacos make grabbing a quick, cheap, and tasty snack easy and enjoyable. 


13. Attractions

Houston is an exceptionally diverse and cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of activities and year-round great weather to add to their enjoyment. From the Houston Space Center to the Zoo, and with a large number of museums, parks, and other entertainment venues, you’ll find something for every taste here.

The quintessentially Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is an annual 19-day showcase bringing the whole town together with carnival rides and games, food stands, concerts, and, of course, the displays of farm animals and cowboy skills. It’s a can’t miss event and one that you’ll love making into a family tradition.

14. Shopping

Houston is known for its oil wealth, and the moneyed well-to-do have created a shopping infrastructure that’s second to none. Sometimes called The Style Capital of the South, you’ll find everything from mega-malls to boutiques nestled on palm-lined avenues, as well as exceptional native couturiers, including Project Runway winner Chloe Dao.

15. Theater

Houston is full of incredible attractions and activities, including a deep love of the arts that is expressed primarily in the Houston Theater District. With nine performing arts organizations, theaters, performance halls, and more, you can enjoy top-notch artistic productions whenever you desire. And, if you are an aspiring artist yourself, the rich and active community gives you a welcoming place to create your art.

16. sports

There are no professional sports teams to support in some cities. Houston is not one of them. Living in Houston entails living in a city with a plethora of sports teams to enjoy. The World Series champion Houston Astros dominate the baseball scene, while the Houston Texans provide football fans with entertainment. There are also basketball and soccer teams to enjoy, so pick your sport and enjoy what Houston has to offer.


17. Art Scene

The Houston art community is alive and well, making it a central place to celebrate and practice artistic endeavors of all kinds. Get a glimpse of many different artistic accomplishments at the Museum of Fine Arts. Focus on the best in modern and contemporary drawing at the Menil Drawing Institute. Enjoy the newly-expanded, 66,000 square foot Stages Repertory Theatre. Whatever type of art you enjoy, Houston provides a way to experience it.

18. Family Friendly

A big city is not often thought of as a family-friendly destination. Houston, on the other hand, is an excellent location to start a family. The city’s numerous safe, quiet, and walkable neighborhoods, as well as its fair cost of living, make it easy to raise a family near the excitement of the metropolis not only feasible. Add in healthcare options like the Children’s Hospital; lots of open, green spaces; and kid-friendly activities, and you have a place where families can thrive.

19. Outdoor recreation

Whatever your taste, you’ll find outdoor activities to suit Houston. With year-round great weather and a variety of dedicated outdoor spaces, you can participate in swimming, kayaking, biking, horseback riding, sport shooting, and more. Love camping and outdoor adventure? You’ll find plenty of wide-open spaces to indulge your passion and make memories with the whole family.


20. Higher Education

Houston is home to more than a dozen colleges and universities serving more than 300,000 students each year. Here you’ll find Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, and the University of Houston, all world-class institutions. Advanced degree programs then help to feed Houston’s insatiable need for a highly skilled and educated workforce.


21. Great for Retirement

Because Houston is affordable, diverse, has many parks and activities it ranks high as a retirement destination. Houston was No. 12 out of 100 metros on the Best Places to Retire on the U.S. News and World Report List.

22. Neighborly attitude

When you are weighing living in Houston, Texas, pros and cons, you need to weigh more than the tangible aspects of the city, such as attractions, food, and cost of living. You also need to consider the spirit of the town. If you do, you will find a city that is strong and resilient. It has a reputation for residents who support each other, even in the hard times. That is the kind of spirit you want in a city you plan to call home. People in Houston are unbelievably kind and friendly to everyone, no matter their race or what they’re wearing.


23. Iconic Texas Lifestyle

You don’t have to be a cowboy or cowgirl to get a kick out of the rodeo. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is serious fun for everyone.

The event is staged just once a year, but Houstonians spend all year talking about it and preparing for it. In addition to the famous barbecue cook-off, the rodeo offers concerts, a huge carnival, and much more. Cowboy boots are not required.

While Houston has many of the amenities and contemporary influences you’d expect in a modern metropolis, you’ll still find a lot of giddy-up here. Cowboy culture, the area’s rich history, and the open-armed hospitality of traditional Texas are still in evidence. Cowboy boots, historic sites, and Texas bluebonnets are part of the city’s rich tapestry and add to its allure.


Houston is a great place to move to because of the low cost of living, abundant outdoor recreation, and vocational and educational opportunities for in-demand professions. This is an excellent city in which to start a family, and with its overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming attitude, residents will find it hard not to become lifelong Houstonians.


Paul Mitchell
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